About the Weekly Menu

Paleo LasagnaThe weekly menu has two main parts, the Weekly Specials and the Pick-Your-Owns.

The Features change each week, but most weeks you can expect a no-bake ball of some kind, a chia, a salad or soup, and multiple lunch/dinner options. We use fresh seasonal ingredients and everything is made from scratch. Supporting our local farmers and purveyors is important to us, so you'll notice us mention local vendor partners whenever we can.

The Pick Your Owns are basic proteins offered every week, with our without marinade, and you get to pick a starch and a veggie to go along with it. See how accommodating we are?

Our food is packed up in generous single servings. We like to make sure you have a little extra for a second helping or late-night snack. But don't eat late at night, that's dumb and not good for you.

We also offer family style portions a la carte.

Please eat or freeze the food within three days.

Everything is kept refrigerated and freshness is guaranteed for three days. Most of what we make will freeze well.

We recommend reheating on your stovetop or in your oven.

I know you have a microwave. Why don't you throw that good-for-nuthin' piece of sh!t out the window and take five minutes to reheat this food properly. It deserves to be reheated properly. If you HAVE to use the microwave to reheat, don't blame me when you become radioactive at age 50.