Nutrition Info

We know nutrition is super important to you. Clean, fresh, local and organic ingredients are sourced whenever possible. If you have any questions about our nutritional practices, please give us a call.

Specials - Pickup/Delivery Date: 8/4-5/20

Karen's Super Vanilla Espresso Protein Ballz: Calories- 110 Fat- 5g Carb- 13g Sugar- 7g Protein- 4g

Chocolate Chip Granola: N/A

Vanilla Chai Chia: Cal- 243 Fat- 13g Carb- 23g Sugar- 17g Protein- 7g

Blueberry Crumble Overnight Oats: N/A

Just Chicken Salad: N/A

Greek Salad: Cal- 380 Fat- 27g Carb- 19g Sugar- 6g Protein- 18g

Citrus Pork: Cal- 310 Fat- 16g Carb- 3g Sugar- 1g Protein- 3g

Summer Pasta: N/A