Happy Friday. I know it’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post. To be honest, I didn’t have it in me. Today I do.

These past couple months have been really hard. Girl Friday has gone through a lot of transition and change. I hate change. It scares me. As you all know, my right hand, Kelly moved. She has been with me from the beginning, and she was my security blanket. I knew of her moving plans for some time, so that wasn’t a surprise, but the change was what I was dreading most. I was immobilized for a hot minute. In addition to Kelly leaving, the left hand also decided to move on to other things. That’s a lot of change, and I needed to find some new people to staff my kitchen.

Slowly, I started to rebuild. Katie Pickup started with us a couple of months ago. She came at the perfect time. I am so happy because she is a great addition to the family, and she works very hard. After a few months, I needed to find someone else. I really struggled on what direction to take. I spent many nights laying awake trying to figure it all out. Once I let that all go, I knew the solution and perfect person would come to me. Then came Laura. Laura has been with us for about a month. She’s another great addition to the family. Her expertise will be tremendous, and she brings some unique things to the table. Of course there will more about Katie and Laura. They are currently working on their bios and we’re scheduling a little photo shoot for the website. Stay tuned.

And I’m still hiring! The catering side of things is blowing up. If you or someone that you know has catering experience, send your resume to

Today, I feel renewed! I’ve spent so much time in the last six months immobilized. I truly feel free, and I’m excited for the future of Girl Friday! That spark that I once had is back.

This week’s menu is bangin’

I would also want to thank all of you and especially my people for their love and support. Without you and them, none of this is possible. Thank you, Thank you Thank you!

Thanks for listening to my rant. Since you took the time out to read this, here’s a coupon for 10% your order – use coupon code BARRYISAGIVER

Have a great weekend!



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  1. You didn’t get where you are by being immobilized. You have so much talent. You are meant to do great things. As a business owner we hate to lose good people, but we have, and have always admired them for bettering themselves. That’s what it’s all about. You do what you got to do to keep moving forward. I don’t order often, but when I do, I love your food, and I am happy you business is in Finleyville.