When one door closes, another one opens.

It’s been a while since I’ve made blog post, but I have a few things to share this week.

Let’s start with delivery. In the past, we claimed that we delivered on Wednesday morning. To be perfectly honest, we always delivered our food on Tuesday evening. For a long time, we wouldn’t be done working until late in the evening on Tuesday. Since we have added more staff and work more efficiently, it makes sense for us change it officially. We can handle it now! If you choose delivery, we always call or text first so you are aware that it is coming and can make arrangements to receive the order, even if that means leaving a cooler out in case no one will be there to accept it. For all of the logistics, click here to review our delivery options.

We have something new for you. We are now offering a soup and salad combo. I’ve been meaning to do it for years, and figured now is the time. I mean, who doesn’t love soup and salad?

Lastly, I wanted to dispel some rumors. The building that I currently rent for Girl Friday is for sale. Girl Friday is not closing nor is the business for sale. If you have an event booked with us, do not worry. I will be in the Finleyville space until at least June. I have a rock solid lease, so I’m not going anywhere until then. I really struggled with putting this out there. It’s been one of the most unsettling things these past few weeks. I have worked so hard on making this space my own. Sadly, the building requires a lot of attention and money, and I do not feel that it would be wise for me to buy it at this time. In a few years, possibly, but for now, no. All I can do is hope that whoever buys it, wants to keep me there. If not, I will find a new space. This will not keep me down. I promise you that. All I ask is that you send me good vibes. I love all my people, and I love what I do. This is just a little bump in the road. As the old saying goes, WHEN ONE DOOR CLOSES, ANOTHER ONE OPENS.

LASTLY – Thank you all for your votes in the O-R contest! I really appreciate all of it.




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