What a week!

In addition to the weekly meal stuff, do you know how many catering jobs we cooked for this week? 5! We killed it, of course. I dropped my phone in the chia pudding on Monday and since my camera was cracked, it pretty much killed my camera. I wanted to take pictures of all the delicious things we created. I got a new phone so expect my picture game to increase.

Tonight we are hosting the coolest event. Barre3 – Southpointe is having their Christmas Party at our place tonight. Instead of me cooking the dinner, they are cooking it. I’m so excited for this hands-on event. This is new to us and I hope more people will want it. I will be taking lots of pictures!

Tomorrow night we are hosting a Christmas party for the amazing folks over at Affordable Care Veterinary Clinic located in Finleyville. They are such loyal customers and I’m so happy to cook a delicious dinner for them.

We still have some openings for Christmas. We are 100% booked for Dec 15, 16th & 17th but we have some openings in case your scrambling. Call us!

Have a great week! We changed up a few things this week. We have a new and exciting new granola!



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