I can’t believe it’s June 29th and we’re still not operational. How naive was I to think that I would be down for a mere two weeks? It’s kinda funny to me. Kinda. Let’s just say dealing with Allegheny County during Covid-19 restrictions takes way more time than I ever imagined.

I’ve been so lucky during this whole process that this little delay at the end is just a small bump in the road. We will get there soon! And I can’t wait!

The process will take another 2-4 weeks. It does make me want to cry, but it is what it is. I have no control over any of it. I just have to keep moving forward, and that is exactly what we are doing.

So what are we working on? We’re updating our ordering system! This should make life easier for all of you, and it helps us on this end too. We are also working on our Catering. Putting together packages and menus perfect for every occasion.

I miss cooking so much, but’s been kinda nice not having deadlines. I’ve been spending more quality time with my little people, going on bike rides, etc. We booked a beach vacation several months ago and never cancelled it so we have that to look forward to. We are working on the details of our Grand Opening. More info coming soon on that.

So, as you can see, I’m staying focused, but I cannot wait to cook for you again. I’ve received lots of texts, emails, calls and even a few bribes asking me to open back up. Believe me—not soon enough!!!

Thank you all for being so patient.