Relax and Enjoy the Downtime

We’ve had some downtime the last few weekends. Normally that would make me panic, but my good friend, Nate gave me very good advice on that. He told me just to relax and enjoy those times, because they don’t happen often. That is so true. We are booked solid into the summer. Of course we have some dates still open especially on Friday nights so if you are looking to have an event at GF or have some of our food brought in, give us a ring. We’ll see if we can get you on the schedule 🙂

We have some new things on the menu this week. I’m really excited about that. Spring brings out the best in me. I hope you enjoy the new selections! Make sure you try the Blood Orange Feta Salad with Chicken, and we have a new Chia on there featuring mangos. They are so pretty!

Have a great weekend.



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