PYO Menu is up this week!

What a holiday! This may have been one of the best ones yet. I can tell you that I am enjoying my vacation. I haven’t done much and my “catch up” list but I’ll get there.

Since the New Year falls on our cooking days, we’ve decided to go with a modified menu of just our “Pick Your Owns.” I couldn’t leave you completely hanging for 2 weeks. This menu for the 1st week of January is set to close Friday at 9:00 am. Don’t worry, if you are on our text list, we’ll let you know when it’s about to close.

The next menu will include more “Family-Style” options and that will be a staple each week.

Girl Friday Article in The Almanac

I want to say thank you to Harry Funk from The Almanac. He came out to Girl Friday a few weeks ago to spend some time with us. We had lots of laughs and great conversation. The article is being featured now. Click here to read it!

Thanks for all of the continued love and support. Happy New Year! x0x0



Nutrition info for recent menus:

Nutrition Info