Excited for the New Year

I feel like I haven’t written anything in forever. I’m pretty excited about this coming year. I’m confident that it’s going to be better than last year. We’re making some changes to the menu. I’m getting bored and i’m sure you are too. We’ll keep the staples, and I’ve decided to add some things to the weekly rooster.

I know everyone loves our non-leafy salads. Typically we bust those out for the summer but I think you guys need them in the winter as well. We’re going to jazz up breakfast options too. We’ll start making overnight oats along with chia puddings. You may even see a parfait or two on the upcoming menus.

I plan to change the focus to be more clean eating as a whole and not just one specific way of eating, like Paleo. That will always be an option but now you have more options!

Stay tuned and always let us know what you liked and didn’t like. Tell us what you want to see more of. We listen to our people and they they always get what they want. After all, I wouldn’t be here doing what I do best with you guys!