Roasted Harvest Veggie Bowl

Roasted Harvest Veggie, and Avocado + Coconut Rice Bowl

My girl, Libby, is going to love me even more than she already does. This is her absolute favorite, and I’m surprised she hasn’t harassed me about it. We made this last fall and it was seriously so great. It’s such a fall/early winter thing to eat. The flavors are perfect together. In this delicious bowl we have roasted acorn & butternut squash, roasted sweet potato & Brussels sprouts, coconut rice and of course, guacamole. It’s so good. Trust me. Since we cannot serve our own guacamole, we’ll provide 1 pack of Organic Wholly Guacamole.

Calories- 490 Fat- 23g Carb- 38g Sugar- 23g Protein- 14g