QuestionsFirst, we have a whole page with step-by-step instructions on how to order:

How to Order

When do you put out your menu?

A new menu is released every Friday around 9:00 am. The menu stays open and ready for orders until the following Thursday @ 12:15 pm. The order you placed is ready a week after the orders close. It's a 2-week cycle. Don't rely on your tired brain to remember this stuff. Text Girl to 39187 to join the text notification list. I'll text you when the menu is open and before it closes. If you need a visual reference to all of this. Check out our menu calendar. It might help to wrap your brain around the timing. Menus are color coded and referenced by their delivery date.

I also put a post on my blog and the Girl Friday Facebook page. Seriously, if you can't get it together with any of that technology, I don't know what to tell you. No, I'm not going to call you to remind you. Get your head in the game and figure out a system so you don't miss out.

How do I pay?

There are two ways to pay: PayPal and Freshbooks. When you pay with PayPal, your credit card is charged at the time of your PayPal transaction. When you choose to pay with Freshbooks, you are invoiced for your order. The invoice will be in your email. You can pay directly through the invoice with your credit card.

We also accept checks and cash. Just leave cash or a check at your pick-up location. Don't forget!

What if I don't have a PayPal account?

You can checkout as a guest with PayPal which means your credit card info is NOT stored with them, or you can choose the Freshbooks payment method.

I ordered but I didn't get an email?

If you placed an order and didn't receive an email, send me a text at 724-413-3461 or email. Sometimes people put in the wrong email address (yes, it's probably your fault), or maybe the order just didn't go through (Maggie's fault). If that's the case, try again. If it still doesn't go through, contact me right away and we'll get it sorted out..

When can I pickup my food?

Food will be ready at all pickup locations Wednesday morning. For complete details, check out our How to Order page.

Gym location pickup times are subject to the hours of operation of each gym. Links are provided on the How to Order page so you can check with your gym for their hours.

If I choose the delivery option, when will my food be delivered?

If you've chosen to have your food delivered, expect a delivery Tuesday evening. Be sure someone will be home or leave drop-off instructions in the online order form comments. We must leave the food refrigerated or in a cooler, or bacteria could get all up in the mix. We don't want that!!

What is Paleo?

We could go on with this for days so we'll put it in a nutshell. Paleo food is made without grains, gluten, dairy or soy. If you want to know more, check out Robb Wolf's website. He's super smart and explains things really well.

What is Primal?

Similar to Paleo but dairy is ok. It's just depends on what your body can handle. If you want more info on that, take a look at Mark's Daily Apple. His blog is very informative and he's kinda hunky for an older dude.

Do you only cook Paleo food?

No, we do not. We cook everything although we do specialize in Paleo cooking. We love cooking conventional things as well as vegetarian and vegan. If you're interested in anything special, always contact us. We're always up for a challenge.

When is the food made?

Your food is made on Monday and Tuesday. We recommend consuming or freezing it within three days. You'll see a date on your packaging.

Why are you so amazing?

I don't know. I just am.